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Past Projects

Engineering (Process Design)

  •  Xylene/IPA mixture Purification
  •  Dehydration of Butene for Ziegler-Natta Reaction System
  • Catalyst System For Ziegler-Natta Reaction System
  • Wastes minimization Strategies for a Chemical Specialty Plant
  • Upgrade of high pressure Ammonia Pumping System
  • Storage System for Propylene Oxide & Ethylene Oxide
  • Diesel Recycling Unit for Transportation Company
  • Storage System for Maleic Anhydride, Sodium Bisulfate and Hydrochloric acid
  • Distillation System for glycols
  • Alkoxylation Reactor System for high molecular alkoxylates
  • In-line mixing system for fuel additives
  •  Filtration Systems for Surfactants
  • Solvent Recovery System for A Pharmaceutical Plant
  • Cooling Water and Boiler System for A Specialty Chemical Plant
  • Debottlenecking Of Alkoxylation Reactor
  • Automation of Alkoxylation Reactors using the DCS



  • Flexible Batch Plant for solvents, cleaners, detergents and Oilfield chemicals
  • Modular Systems for Project Estimates
  • Simulation of Dehydration of Glycols & Alkoxylation Reactors
  • Water treatment System for A chemical Plant
  • Ion-exchange System for Purification of Glycols
  • Design of Pharmaceutical Plant for New Chemistries
  • Optimization of Power Factor for a Chemical Plant
  • Formulation of Personal Care Products
  • Implementation of PSM System for Specialty Chemical Plant
  • Evaluation of Alkoxylation Reactors for Condensation Reactors
  • Cyanide Effluent Treatments System
  • Gas treatment Systems Using Amines
  • Due Diligence Evaluation of a Chemical Plant
  • Chemical tolling  



  • Size and purchase various batch hastelloy vessels for a pharmaceutical company – approximately $2.5MM.
  • Batch reactor for alkoxylation plant $1.5MM
  • Crew boats PSVs and Tugboat
  • Pumps and agitators batch
  • Skid Flare Systems for a Specialty Chemical Plant





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