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DMAC & Services LP is an engineering and services company with a global reach. We draw upon the unique experience of our engineering and project team to evaluate strategic direction and a proactive approach that enables the timely execution of our projects.

DMAC & Services LP and its strategic partners are part of a group that promote and develop industrial projects in Africa and other developing nations around the globe. "We define, measure, analyze and offer recommendations to control and optimize processes/systems".

We work with vendors all over the world to save our clients 20-30% on major equipment and chemicals.

Mission Statement
We are dedicated to providing our customers and creditors with quality products and unparalleled service. We view our customers as our valued partners whose support enables us to stay in business. We are committed and privileged to serve the needs of our customers and the community in which we operate.

We assist clients both locally and internationally to deliver solutions across a range of industries and sectors. We have built our reputation on bringing a deep knowledge, key industry relationships, and a willingness to tackle complex business scenarios to meet every client need.  We are truly "out-of-the-box technologists”.

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